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Health Seekers Reviews And Patient Stories


Uma Naik, US

Had rheumatoid arthritis with pain in multiple joints. The pain in her back made even turning in bed painful and her sleep was poor. The resultant incapacitation worried her. Knowing that Allopathy did not have much to offer in such cases, she flew down from New Jersey, USA to undergo Panchakarma at Punarnava.


The swelling and pain in her joints resolved and she recovered her sleep. She was amazed at the rapidity of recovery she had in her stay of 3 weeks at the center. She has joined back work with renewed energy and self confidence.

leading the typical stressful life of a city businessman with frugal discipline in diet, exercise,sleep and daily schedule came with a diagnosis of Latent autoimmune diabetes of adults (LADA) and dependence on Insulin injections from the early age and major fluctuations in blood sugar levels from hypoglycemia to 500 mg/dl.


After his treatment at Punarnava, his treating endocrinologist is wonder-struck not only at the stabilization of blood glucose in the range of normalcy but the massive reduction in the requirement of insulin. The educative sessions at Punarnava have inspired him to bring about a healthy lifestyle modification.


Dhawal Mehta


Mr. Naik 

The grandfatherly figure with a sweet disposition, 85 year-old Mr. Naik came to Punarnava 2 weeks ago. His face reflected fortitude with which he gracefully bore the agony. His skin had spontaneous bruises that echoed the fragility of the blood vessels as a result of long term steroid use.

He was started on a Pitta pacification regime and application of Gobar (cow dung) and medicated oil that was prepared at Punarnava with fresh herbs procured from the garden. The steroid medication was tapered and it gives us great gratification to share the miraculous response in just 2 weeks. The blood sugar stabilized and itching and thickening began to recover. His smile reflected the peaceful sleep he could enjoy after many years. “That smile is the best reward and inspiration for us at Punarnava!”

Currently studying in Singapore, had been on 3 medicines to control high blood pressure . Overweight and psychologically disturbed with the early onset of illness since the age of 12 years, she stayed rather reluctantly on the persuasion of her mother. She began to lose weight during her 3 week stay while her blood pressure stabilized even as one anti-hypertensive drug was withdrawn. 3 months later her second drug is also being withdrawn and she continues to maintain a stable weight.


Both her parents who are doctors are overjoyed to see this improvement. In her mother’s words, “I had tried all sorts of therapies but the expert yurvedic treatment along with personalized care at Punarnava made this possible. Thanks for helping restore my child’s self confidence and her belief in the possibility of a complete cure.”

Flower Girl

Anner Mathew

We asked our guests or as we like to call them Health Seekers to say a few words about their experience at our wellness centre - Punarnava. Here are Some of our health seekers reviews.

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